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A Place of Hate

I initially started this project with the intention of photographing inside prisons.   I was under the illusion of the that these facilities were places of hate and for many of the inmates they are, however I was shown a positive side, a side that demonstrates what can be taught and achieved.

I was granted access to three prisons; Barlinnie HMP, Lowmoss HMP and Saughton HMP.

I then took a different approach, i photographed people in the community who have been convicted but are trying to rebuild their life.

The Multi Faith Area of Lowmoss and the old Chapel of Barlinnie

With in Saughton Barbering is taught up to an SQV3 which is the equivalent to being taught within a college

Street Soccer is a charity which works with ex-offenders, addicts and homeless they go in to prisons and teach a coaching qualification.  HMP Barlinnie football club.

Tyler is changing her life for the positive through football and Street Soccer.

John and James are ex-offenders and recovering addicts I met through Aid n Abet they  now work as mentors for the charity.

Looking in from the outside

Life outside

My life now

Unconditional love

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