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Important steps towards taking better pictures.

My workshop experiences offer tuition in a small group.   We will capture eye-catching scenery such as Mount Etive in Glencoe, the cliffs and Bass Rock at Sea Cliff and the beautiful autumnal colours at the Heritage at Dunkeld.

The workshops are available from ages 18-70, family bookings are available.  I do not offer any camera equipment hire.   When visiting Glencoe we will stop  for lunch at  the Clachaig Inn (I have a menu, lunch costs are not included), I will book in advance.

The first key step to understanding the considerations of your digital camera is knowing photography vocabulary.  RAW format, white balance, sensor sensitivity (ISO) and exposure.  These are only a sample of terms that will be explained in a clear a concise manner during your experience.


I am to tutor you in how to :


  • Shoot in RAW to maximise the information your photograph retains.

  • Choose the correct white balance as appropriate

  • How to select the correct exposure

  • How to set the ISO on the camera

  • Look and read a histogram on the camera


An important aspect in a photograph is the depth of field (DOF).  This defines the sharpness in focus either in front or behind the subject.  This gives the blurred effect.


The elements that effect the DOF will be explained on the day: the aperture, focal length and distance from camera.  You will be given to opportunity to explore these settings on location.


Another area to explore will be the shutter speed.  This will be demonstrated on the day with the means of freezing time or blur the moment.

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